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12 minutes to Yosemite

We’ve reached the ‘restart’ portion of the install

We’ve hit the home stretch with the Yosemite install. Both the 2007 iMac and the 2014 MacBook Air have downloaded the updated. However, the MacBook Air is clearly in the lead regarding the installation. MUCH quicker. (Which causes me to hope that I won’t regret installing Yosemite on my iMac.)

Updating to Yosemite

27 and 22 minutes of download time remaining.

Playing with our nabi Square HD in the rain

John Mark McMillan: ‘Love At The End’ [Video]

My taste in music is diverse, to say the least. My iTunes library spans the decades (and not just because I have every U2 album). As Amazon’s (Prime) Music Player streams the eleftic (sic) nature of my musical taste and collection becomes apparent––Wyclef,1 Dylan, Hendrix, The Gaslight Anthem, Social Distortion and The Black Keys stream alongside Gustav Mahler, The National, Miles Davis, and Sigur Ros.

If any genre is underrepresented it is CCM (contemporary Christian music). While there are many reasons for this––e.g., anemic lyrics that lack depth of emotion––there have always been a few exceptions. Read more

  1. Hence the ‘ecleftic’ reference above.

Bliss: Inbox Zero

With multiple email accounts, I never thought this day would come. Inbox zero. Bliss.

Gorgeous fall evening


Beautiful sky

The (in)convenience of following Jesus




Hassle free.

The siren call (and promise) of these words reverberate through so many aspects of life.

Hungry? Do not let your heart be troubled… There are plenty of quick, easy solutions. Visit a local eatery. Stop off at that chain restaurant you visit a little too much, but which is oh-so-convenient. If you don’t want to be bothered by actually having to take the time and energy to sit down at a table, order food, and eat before going home, many of our favorite chains now offer curbside service! And let us not forget the old, but reliable fast food restaurant.

Want to get married, but don’t want the hassle? There’s Atlantic City, Las Vegas and Reno. You can, quite conveniently, be united in marriage by Elvis. There’s also that drive-thru option. But why bother, there are mobile wedding chapels that can bring the officiant and accouterments to you.

Convenient, ease, and a fast, hassle-free experience await us around almost every bend. Don’t want to go through the hassle of visiting your local insurance agent? No worry. You don’t have to. There’s that insurance company who, in ten minutes or less (who wants to wait a whole fifteen minutes of that other company to provide a quote?!), can provide you with a quote and have you on the road in no time! Need groceries, but don’t feel like going through the hassle of leaving your home? Amazon Local and a host of upstarts have you covered.

Because so convenience and ease reigns supreme in so many areas of our lives, we assume that following Jesus (discipleship) should be easy, hassle free, fast and, otherwise, convenient.

Convenience, however, is not unique to the 21st century. North American Christians are not the first people to want to follow Jesus and encounter the Messiah on their terms. As long as their have been followers of Jesus, there have been those who have desired to follow Jesus in an easy, non-threatening, hassle free way. Read more

Warby Parker: A Review

25 July 2014, I ordered a pair of eyeglasses from Warby Parker. The decision was precipitated by three factors: 1) I tried on ten pairs of glasses via Warby Parker’s trial program, 2) I liked the company’s ‘buy-a-pair give-a-pair’ program and, 3) the process was straightforward, simple, and inexpensive.

First, my experience with Warby Parker’s trial program was nothing short of fantastic. On two occasions, I placed an order for five trial frames. In both instances the frames arrived within a few days of ordering. In each instance, I tried on the frames, looked at them in the mirror, took pictures, and asked my wife for her input. (In a few instances,  a quick look in the mirror eliminated a frame as an option. In a few other instances, a try-on made it quite apparent that a frame as not an option, as it was either too small, too narrow, or too unseemly.) The first order of frames, which included five trial pairs, yielded no keepers. Utilizing the company’s prepaid postage sticker, I returned the frame and set about ordering a second set of frames for trial. The second set of 132x51frames yielded a couple of possible frames. (In the end, I settled upon the Dale line of frames.) In both instances, the frames arrived in a timely fashion and returning the frames was not only easy but free!)

Read more