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Keeping the Feast (A Review)

Milton Brasher-Cunningham is a writer, chef, teacher, minister, small urban farmer, musician, husband and keeper of Schnauzers who lives with his wife, Ginger, in Durham, North Carolina. At least, that’s the information included in the author bio of his recent book, Keeping the Feast: Metaphors for the Meal, from Morehouse Publishing.

The book combines Milton’s poetry, recipes, and stories in a powerful, compelling manner. Like a good meal, Keeping the Feast, is to be consumed slowly, savoring every bite. Each story, each metaphor, building upon the last. Together, the stories and metaphors combine to provide the reader with a fuller, richer appreciation of the Eucharist and the centrality (and importance) of the Lord’s Supper for the Christian community.

While not a theology text, I found myself pausing after chapters (and sometimes after a poem) to reflect on the imagery and metaphors. Again and again, I found my thinking stimulated, challenged and deepened by what Milton shared.

Hands down, this is a must-read for anyone who is concerned with liturgy, Eucharistic theology, sacraments, and the worshiping life of the body of Christ.

Still more fun with our nabi Square HD

This time, we stationed the camera on the ground and Quinton drove the remote controlled car around (and eventually into) the camera.

More fun with our nabi Square HD

This time we mounted it to my son’s remote controlled car.