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I have created websites for municipalities, churches, businesses and individuals. The websites I’ve created range from the informational (featuring information about a municipality, its parks and services) to the interactive (a church website featuring videos, podcasts and a members-only area with small group resources and training materials for volunteers). Some have been complex (requiring regular updates from the company’s IT department) and others have been incredibly simple to use (making updates from a smartphone or tablet). If you are in the market for a website for your business, church, or even if you are looking to start your own blog––I can help!

Simply contact me using the included form. Provide some details about what you are looking for in a website. For example: Who is the website for? Is it for you? Your business? What are you wanting to do with the website? Do you intend to keep a blog, show of your photos, podcast, stay in touch with your clients? How many pages do you want your website to have? A home page, about page, and contact info? Do you need e-commerce functionality? Or do you just want to provide your visitors with a portfolio of your work and information about where they can purchase it? And, finally, What is your budget?

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