Joshua Rhone

Hello. I’m Joshua Rhone. I am a product of western Pennsylvania, and despite living out-of-state on more than one occasion, I keep finding my way back. My parents are Doug and Karen Rhone. They are both ordained ministers in The Wesleyan Church, so I guess that makes me doubly a PK. Life in a pastor’s home wasn’t nearly as bad or traumatic as some have made it out to be. In fact, things were really good. My parents were youth pastors, so, from my perspective, we just had a lot of my friends hanging out at my house every day of the week and long into the night on weekends.

After graduating high school, I attended Houghton College, where I completed a Bachelor of Arts in Religion, with a ministerial concentration, in three and a half years. While attending Houghton, I started dating a girl from home. Crystal and I would marry the summer before I graduated. I completed my degree in December of 2004, and Crystal and I moved home in January of ’05. For the next few months I would work with Crystal’s father, assisting him with construction jobs. (How we landed back in Pennsylvania and not at a seminary or grad school is a story in and of itself.)

June of 2005 signaled a lot of firsts for us. We purchased our first home. (We still own it, although we don’t live in it. A renter currently does. However, if you’re interested in purchasing a place in West Chester, Ohio, I’m willing to entertain offers.) I was appointed to my first pastorate––my first solo pastorate. I preached my first message as pastor of a congregation. I led my first church board meeting. We experienced our first wounds in ministry. Continue reading “Joshua Rhone”